Dr. Kent Tuttle

What’s in a name?

If I could sum up my story in one phrase it would be, “Like Father, Like Son.” I grew up wanting to be just like him. He named me Kent, which is his middle name. For me Kent is more than a name, it is a link that combines generations. In 2016, my son was born and I named him Colton Kent Tuttle. Dentistry is thriving passion in our family. The trick…

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Each visit, you will be cared for in comfortable, no-pressure environment. Dr. Kent will listen and find out what matters most to you

Dental Implants

Stability and Functionality, Aesthetics or Health Benefits soon you can enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with a complete and healthy set of strong teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry

Every patient is unique and everyone enjoys a dazzling smile.  Enjoy the confidence of a light, bright, healthy smile.


The TuttleNumbNow technique is a revolutionary numbing system created by Dr. Kent’s father and utilized here at Kent Dental.

Teeth Whitening

Our game changing methods of teeth whitening help you maintain the white, beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted.

General Dentistry

The benefits of dental wellness go far beyond a smile. We diligently attend to all aspects of oral health, from regular check-ups to hygiene all to support an overall healthier you.

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Happy Stories

Your Story Matters

Maggie at Dr Kent’s office is so thorough and caring. I always enjoy going to my appointment. How many people can say that?! Everyone is friendly and kind!! Dr. Kent sets the standard for professional care and excellence in treating his patients. Love these people! Highly recommend!!

Evelyn Jimenez


Amazing. He has the best chair side manners and a caring doctor. Teeth and your confidence in your smile is important. And Dr. Kent is a great dentist.

Debra Peters


Dr Kent and his staff are caring and helpful. Great place to go to have a healthy mouth for a lifetime

Mark Martinez


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